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Kingvideo Opening Offer Double bonus
December 13th, 2016 is a video portal site, like youtube and everyone else , to share any file completly free without any limitations.
we try to keep the platform userfriendly with a limited number of advertising.

❖HLS/DASH streaming - With HLS streaming your player able to switch quality on-fly according to your current connection speed. This is called Adaptive Streaming. Videos are starting/seeking very quickly in HLS streaming mod. HLS is supported by iOS / Android built-in player too so your videos would stream so well with us.
❖RTMP Steaming: - The Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) was designed for high-performance video streaming specially for Flash player. This advanced protocol allows low-latency communication and deliver streams smoothly.
❖Less and quality ads.
❖Better user interference
❖Everything is free and unlimited, visitors,users and affiliates don't need to pay anything to use kingvid.
❖No captcha or any kind of annoying blockers.
❖No streaming speed limit.
❖We are giving out extra as a double bonus on your first payment.

Kingvid is currently in beta stage, so most of the features are working but bugs can be there. Please report if you find any and we'll fix it. Lets make Kingvid best together


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